Nuestro equipo

Angel Colon 

'El Costeño'

CEO, Founder

Angel Colon has been the visionary leader and CEO of the radio station since its inception in 2010. Under his guidance, the station has grown into a beloved community cornerstone, renowned for its engaging content and commitment to quality broadcasting. With a passion for innovation and excellence, Angel continues to drive the station's success and influence in the industry.

Flor Cardoso

'Flower Power'

Senior Production Manager

Flor Cardoso brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the team since 2018. Her leadership and innovative approach have significantly enhanced the station's programming and production quality. Flor's dedication ensures that every broadcast resonates with the audience, maintaining the station's reputation for excellence.

Raymundo Ruiz

'Don Ray'

On-Air Personality / DJ

Raymundo Ruiz, an On-Air Personality and DJ since 2010, captivates listeners with his vibrant energy and engaging presence. His unique style and deep connection with the audience have made his shows a highlight of the station's programming. Raymundo's passion for music and entertainment continues to enrich the station's dynamic atmosphere.

Eric Molina


Sales Representative

Eric Molina joined the radio station as a Sales Representative in 2022, bringing a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to the team. His keen understanding of client needs and dedication to building strong relationships have driven significant growth in advertising revenue. 

Ana Cardoso

'La Costeña'

Communications Director

Ana Cardoso, the Communications Director, has been with the radio station since its establishment, with a brief period away to further hone her skills. Returning with enhanced expertise, she is now poised to elevate the station's communication strategies to new heights. Ana's visionary leadership and refined approach ensure that the station's message resonates powerfully with its audience and stakeholders.

Ashley Garcia

'La Intern'

Executive Radio Intern

Ashley Garcia has been an Executive Radio Intern since 2020, consistently demonstrating exceptional dedication and a passion for broadcasting. Her proactive approach and eagerness to learn have made her an invaluable asset to the team. Ashley's contributions significantly support the station's operations, promising a bright future in the industry.